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Please refer to the PDF instruction manual that's attached at the bottom of this article providing you with details on how to activate your bed and more.

Brad Johnson, creator and director of AetherX, speaks on the functionality of the Prana Bed Kit as well as its capabilities as a spiritual technology developed to rejuvenate and repair the body through your own life force energy.

What type of technology is the Prana Bed?

The Prana Bed Kit is a spirit technology. What this means is that it is in no way an electromagnetic technology and doesn't need to be plugged in. It doesn't have any digital functions and is not computerized in any way. As it is a spirit technology, you would understand this technology to be a living technology. Similar to how you would use dowse using a pendulum, or intuit through a tarot card deck or an oracle card deck. 

The creator, Brad Johnson, has the ability to tune into subtle and etheric dimensions through a meditative state. Through this altered state of consciousness, Brad is able to place commands (known as AetherX Transcendental Codes) through his intentions that will perform tasks by the invisible subtle forces that are all around and within us. These invisible forces are linked directly to your own life force energy. When you activate the Prana Bed, it is your own life force energy being stimulated through the invisible forces that exist around and within you that is helping you to detoxify, rejuvenate, and replenish your body and mind. The AetherX technology is built on this premise of working with your own excess life force energy (prana) stored within your solar plexus to rejuvenate yourself on all levels of being. This is why the Prana Bed Kit and all products on AetherX are known as Spirit Technology.

Brad has developed a multitude of different modes within the Prana Bed Kit that can be activated by you and can perform certain duties. 

What are the type of modes that are included in the Prana Bed?

Healing Mode

Through Healing mode, you will experience rejuvenation and improvement in the following areas:

  • Major organs: Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidneys, Small and Large Intestines, Colon.

  • Glands: Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Adrenal glands, testes/ovaries.

  • Bodily Systems: Circulatory/Cardiovascular, Digestive/Excretory, Endocrine, Exocrine/Integumentary, Immune/lymphatic, Muscular, Nervous, Renal/Urinary, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal

  • Thorough cleansing of the central nervous system, nerves, and nervous tissue to revitalize the whole body.

  • Increased blood circulation and inner vitality

  • 6 major Chakra centers in the body: Muladhara (Root), Svadisthana (Sacral), Manipura (Navel), Anahata (Heart), Visshuddhi (Throat), Ajna (Third Eye).

  • Nadi channels (energetic nervous system of the body) and 12 meridians of the body.

  • All joints of the body.

  • Alleviation of any aches, sores, pain, stiffness, dryness, fatigue, inflammation, and overstimulation within the body.

Sleep Mode

Through sleep mode, all Healing mode functions are included within it, plus:

  • Stabilization and balancing of all brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, Gamma.

  • Deepening sleep state encouraging vivid and lucid dreaming states.

  • Interfacing with the higher self while asleep to loosen and release inner blockages that impact the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

  • Dampening/minimalizing impact of astrological malefic planetary alignments.

Concentration Mode

Concentration mode does not have a direct command format like you will find in the instruction manual. But by placing your hand on the flower on the bed, you can tell the Prana Bed Kit exactly what you need it to do for your body and it will perform it.


"Prana Bed, concentrate on healing my right knee."

"Prana Bed, concentrate on healing my teeth."

"Prana Bed, concentrate on providing me with more vital energy."

Only one mode can be active at a time. So when you activate healing mode, that is the only mode that is activated until you use a command to change it to another mode.

Universal Healing and Sleep Mode

If your bed is being used by other people, you will want to consider using Universal Healing or Sleep Mode. This enables the Prana Bed Kit to be solely activated by you, but others can use the benefits of the bed without the need to activate it themselves. Universal Healing and Sleep Modes hold the exact same features as the standard Healing and Sleep Modes that work on yourself and anyone else that is in physical contact with the bed, including animals.

How does the Prana Bed Kit work?

Once you receive your Prana Bed Kit in the mail, open it up and place it on your bed. You will find four (4) components of the bed kit: Two pillow cases, a loose bed sheet, and a duvet cover. All four components of the bed will need to be activated individually by placing your hand on the large flower symbol that is printed upon each component. Activation can be accomplished by saying the command either out loud or in your mind through an intended thought. Remember that the Prana Bed is a living technology and is directly connected to your living prana and can receive your intended thought.

Once it's on your bed, you have several options to use. First you want to ask yourself, is this bed kit for myself or for my partner or family?

If it's for yourself, then you'll want to use the standard Healing or Sleep or Concentration Mode functions for the bed. This means that only you will receive the benefits of the Prana Bed once it has been activated by you.

If it's for multiple people, then you'll want to use the universal healing or sleep mode for the Prana Bed. This allows everyone to receive the benefits of the Prana Bed without anyone else needing to activate it. Universal Healing or Sleep Mode can also be used for the disabled or nonverbal and you can activate the Prana Bed Kit for them.

You also have the option to amplify the Prana Bed from a scale of 1% - 100%. If you feel that the energy you are sensing within yourself doesn't feel strong enough, place your hand on the flower of each component of the bed. You can state the following:

"Prana Bed, increase amplification by (desired) percent."

Or if it is too high and you wish to reduce amplification, state:

"Prana Bed, decrease amplification by (desired) percent."

Or if you wish to turn amplification off, state:

"Prana Bed, turn healing codes off."

What do I do after I've activated the Prana Bed, and what will I feel?

Once your Prana Bed Kit is activated to your desired mode, lay down on the bed and enjoy the experience of what the Prana Bed offers. Each person will feel something different. If you are sensitive to detecting subtle energies, you will have a profound experience receiving the beneficial effects of the Prana Bed. If you are not so sensitive to detecting subtle energies, you may feel very little. But even if you feel very little, don't worry, the bed is still working on you. Feeling its subtle effects is a privilege, but it will work on detoxifying, rejuvenating, and revitalizing your body on a cellular level using your own excess life force stored in your solar plexus.

How long before I start feeling results from the Prana Bed?

Each person varies based on the severity of conditions that are taking place within their body. Some can feel benefits happening almost immediately whereas others may take more time to feel themselves recovering. However, we suggest you give yourself a three-month period to work with the Prana Bed every day. If you do not feel any changes from the Prana Bed after 90 days, you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee and send it back for a full refund.

What helps you realize the difference when using the Prana Bed is using a notebook and writing down particular ailments you're experiencing and checking in with yourself daily. Asking yourself if these ailments are still present, and if they are, have they lessened since you've been using the Prana Bed? This will help show you how the Prana Bed is working together with you.

Can pets use the Prana Bed?

Yes! If your pet makes physical contact with the bed while you are upon it and have activated it either in Healing or Sleep mode, your pet will experience the effects of the bed, but only in Healing mode for them. Sleep mode is only compatible for humans, not animals.

Is there a minimum age to use the Prana Bed?

Only those who are able to consciously activate the Aether Bed Kit of their own accord will be able to use the bed. If you have a small child who understands how to activate the bed through the instructions, they will be able to use it. it is not recommended to place a newborn infant on the Prana Bed while it is activated in Universal Healing or Sleep Mode. Infants require the excess prana from their solar plexus to aid in their development, and the Prana Bed is more appropriate for ages 2 and up.

Can extra coverings be put over or under the Prana Bed? And does skin need to be touching the bed kit?

As long as your body is making weighted contact (not skin contact) with the bed sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, you will receive the benefits of the Prana Bed Kit. You are more than welcome to have other coverings over it as long as you are in physical contact with the pieces of the Prana Bed.

What recommendations can be given to someone who is feeling ill or has chronic conditions, and is using the Prana Bed Kit for the first time?

It would be a good idea to start off simply using standard or universal healing mode (if there's multiple people using the bed) for approximately 7 days. Do not use amplification settings until 7 days afterwards. You can test to see how the Sleep Mode is working for you the first night. If you had a difficult time sleeping, work with Healing mode for the recommended 7 day period as you utilize it during the day or evening prior to going to sleep. While sleeping, you may want to turn the healing codes off for the bed and compare how you sleep when you have the Prana Bed on in Sleep Mode, or off.

After 7 days in Healing Mode, try Sleep Mode again and see how you feel. The body needs to get used to the effects of the Prana Bed, so don't be afraid to experiment as everyone is different when it comes to the effects of the Prana Bed. After 7 days, you can start working with the amplification increasing it in 5% intervals per week. This would be the recommendation for those who are recovering from serious illness or chronic conditions.

Can a pregnant woman use the Prana Bed Kit?

Yes! The Prana Bed Kit assists greatly with pregnancy and can also help clear out toxicities and other impairments within the woman's body. No excess prana is utilized from the baby while in the womb, only the excess energy from the mother's solar plexus where she is a considerable amount during pregnancy.

Can extra coverings be put over or under the Prana Bed? And does skin need to be touching the bed kit?

As long as your body is making weighted contact (not skin contact) with the bed sheet, duvet cover and pillow case, you will receive the benefits of the Prana Bed Kit. You are more than welcome to have other coverings over it as long as you are in physical contact with the pieces of the Prana Bed Kit.

How long before I receive the Prana Bed Kit in the mail?

As the Prana Bed Kit is offered through our print-on-demand partner (Yoycol), production time takes 7 business days as your kit is created from scratch. After production, the Prana Bed Kit is sent out to you by mail and you will receive a tracking number once your bed kit is ready. Shipping time can take on average 5-12 business days based on where you are located.

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